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Hey Pasadena! After nearly 30 years, No Future Cafe has held its last event.

The last 29 years of Friday nights at No Future Cafe have been inspiring for multiple generations in the Pasadena area. We have loved rocking out and geeking out with you through the years!

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this creative community for so long! You're what made it so great!

Have a memory to share? Tag us on Instagram (@nofuturecafe). We'd love the community to get to read it!




We are a non-profit collective of creatives who are building community through common interests. True, the word "cafe" is in our name and we serve coffee at our events, but we are not a regular restaurant. Our "menu" is made up of common causes that bring people together.  Our doors are open to the community through the various events, meet ups, and live performances we host each month.


Since 1994, NFC has provided a safe and welcoming place for the community to spotlight local talent, and creatively connect with one another around common interests, including live music from local bands, gaming, art and more!

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Read more about our story here.

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