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Independent Art & Music Show

No Future Cafe  |  10.25.18  |  6-10pm

Artist Info


I’m so glad that you’re going to be joining the “Indie Night” Art & Music Show at No Future Cafe! This is going to be an awesome night with a lot of independent visual and musical artists! Here’s some info to help you prepare:



Thurs, Oct 25th, 6-10pm Exhibitors, please arrive by 5pm to set up (If you have time constraints, please let me know) This will be a pop-up show for one night only.



No Future Cafe (1500 E. Walnut St, Pasadena, CA)


Is there a theme?

The theme is YOU and your art! Show work that you’re proud of, or a current project that you’re excited about. The whole experience will be designed to give you a platform to show what you love doing, and give others the opportunity to enjoy it with you. There will be a variety of styles, mediums, themes, and genres. (However, please bear in mind though that this will be an all-ages event.)


What about the music?

On our main stage, there will be live music by local indie singer/songwriters, who will be contributing to the creative atmosphere. The music is going to be great, but it won’t be so loud that you can’t talk with folks about your art.


Demos & Interaction:

This is about inspiring others to be creative as well! Feel free to do some live sketching, painting, whatever your thing is during the course of the evening. People love to see an artist at their craft! Like our usual Open Studio Thursdays, we will also encourage people to bring their sketchbooks to chill and co-create at a cafe table together. (Please let me know if you’d like to do some sort of live demo, and what needs you may have.)


Setup & Display:

  • Our venue has two rooms that connect to a “hall” entry area at the front door. The larger room will feature some long tables set up for artists at the back and perimeters. There will be some chairs, cafe tables, and couches for people to chill and enjoy the music that will be on the main stage in that room. The other room is our smaller “Atelier” space that has room for display and some table space as well. How we setup art and artists in each of the rooms will depend on the number of artists exhibiting, and their particular needs.  

  • Tables: We will have 8 ft tables available to be shared by 2 artists each. That will give you about 3ft of table space.

  • Displaying your art: If you have easels, stands, etc. please bring them!. Please let me know what you’re bringing and it’s size so we can make necessary space considerations.

  • Hanging art: We have some flat walls, a mirror covered wall, and brick that art can be hung upon in a non-destructive way. The approved methods are available at Target, or most hardware stores: 

    • Sticky Putty or 3M Command strips for light items, posters, etc.

    • 3M Command velcro strips for framed art or photos

  • Electricity is available upon request. Please let me know what you’re needs are and we can work something out.

Can I sell my art?

Absolutely! If you'd like to sell prints or originals, you are welcome to. We simply ask that you handle pricing and arrangements on your own between yourself and your buyers. Bring what you need to make that possible: cash for change, Venmo, Square, card reader, etc...


Is No Future “Cafe” a Cafe?

NFC is actually more of a DIY space than an actual cafe with regular operating hours. Our mission is to build community through creativity. The setup for INDIE Night will have a kind of “cafe meets art show” kind of vibe. Coffee, tea, cocoa, and possibly some light snacks will be served.


Your partnership in promoting this event will be vital to bringing folks out to the show! Social media, word of mouth, skywriting, interpretive dance... whatever way you have to let your peeps know about it ;-)

Please feel free to right click and download the digital flyer at the bottom of this page, and share it with others.

I hope that helps, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to decrypt my spam-bot protected number below, and ask me via text:

(six two six) six five eight - five eight three zero

Looking forward to co-creating with you!

Adam Hartel

Creative Director | Artist Relations

No Future Cafe

social: @nofuturecafe

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